What is Empathy Mapping

The Empathy Map

The empathy map itself is a core tool of design thinking that allows you to capture what you observe and understand of your users at a deeper level. The empathy map will keep you grounded as you move through an innovation project.

The full sized PDF of our empathy map template is available for download as part of the purchase of the course.

Empathy Mapping

In this course I take you through the most fundamental design thinking tool, the empathy map. We will review the empathy map design and deep dive into each section of it.

With the help of an empathy map you will be able to discover the emotions that drive user behavior, identify the right users to design for, and to use your insights to deliver more value through innovative solutions.

The empathy map is a tool that you can deploy and start taking advantage of immediately. You will complete the program with the ability to build detailed and in-depth empathy maps that will boost the results of your innovation projects.